Social Harmony
Challenges and objectives
Social harmony is an important goal Runly social responsibility, and power source is sustainable development of enterprises. 2016, in the overall economic situation is still more severe cases, the Group actively respond to national policy, in full accordance with the law to pay taxes, efforts to create jobs, effectively assume social responsibility; through increased investment in safety, improve production safety management system, strengthen production safety training and other ways to improve the performance of production safety, the safety indicators continued to progress; by conducting public welfare donations, organizing public events, participation in community building initiatives such as the establishment of good community relations.

Government Responsibility
By the end of 2015, Runly Kong China in the total number of employees reached 174 people, compared with last year 33 new jobs. Runly system for persons with disabilities jobs 11, 9% compared with last year added. This year compared with last year growth of 30.96% tax, the Group and its subsidiaries have no tax evasion behavior.

Safe Production
Runly always adhere to the & quot; safety first, prevention, comprehensive treatment & quot; and the principle of & quot; not at the expense of employee life and health in exchange for the development of enterprises and economic benefits, not to economic mask the presence of safety management aspects & quot ; the concept of strict compliance with state laws and regulations concerning production safety, strengthen red awareness, strict responsibility to implement and continuously improve the production safety management system, strengthening the security management infrastructure, promote continuous improvement of safety performance, ensure that all the Group's business healthy and sustained development.

Production safety management system. In 2014, the Group constantly improve the value of having Runly distinctive creative production safety management system. Group actively developing safety production management tools, such as safe behavior observation, the nature of safety management, JSA Job Safety Analysis, LEC operating conditions evaluation method changed in the past traditional management, experience management practices, improve the management of production safety work standardized and scientific. To make the elements and standards of production safety management, security management, and use a variety of methods and tools to analyze the problem and develop a plan to be fully implemented at all levels of enterprise groups with projects, project management, training programs and other forms of organization and implementation of the various elements of management and ensure safety in production management standards in all aspects of the business effectively landing.

Social welfare
Group Runly charitable foundation as a platform to carry out public service operations and management, mainly in mainland China in disaster relief, poverty alleviation, student, new rural construction and other charitable projects. By the end of 2015, Runly Charitable Foundation charitable projects carried out with 56, a total of 1.56 million yuan of foreign donations, created a brand public projects Runly Hope Township, and achieved good social benefits.

Problems and Solutions
Social harmony is both a means Runly fulfill social responsibility, but also Runly target social responsibility work. Over the past year, we invested a lot in this regard though, be harvested, but there are some problems. Group affiliated companies such as overall management is not enough, the lack of innovative ways and means to carry out charitable activities and so on. Thus, in 2014, the Group plans to focus on strengthening communication with governments, communities; production safety work further grassroots systematic management of occupational health; strengthening urban charging network infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, construction, and other key vehicle areas, key aspects of the management of production safety, reduce accidents; strengthening the Group headquarters charitable acts and donations of the subsidiaries integrated management; rely on new media to carry out public welfare activities, outreach; further expansion Runly volunteer teams. Runly will continue to enrich force, improve the management system, and actively communicate with the community go hand in hand.