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Charging pile construction: "Taiyuan model" called out the National

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Right now, the electric taxis have sprung up in the streets of the provincial capital, Taiyuan became a beautiful blue sky in the "business card." How to help the provincial capital of the electric car industry? How to support urban infrastructure charging, the power company Taiyuan practical action to give the answer, and at the forefront of the country -

   As the country's "new energy vehicle demonstration city", "new energy vehicle pilot cities," Taiyuan municipal government will replace the electric taxi cab as the promotion of new energy industry breakthrough, the pressure into motivation, to regain the initiative, a step a first step in the development of the electric vehicle industry.
The first five months, the city's 5800 taxis to complete the replacement, 2000 charging pile construction is completed, in terms of the intensity of the replacement vehicle, or the charging infrastructure in the country is not easy.
National policy:
    Promote the development of the market charge

    October 2015, the State Council issued "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the electric vehicle charging infrastructure," clearly put forward, in 2020, the basic completion moderate advance car pile hand in hand, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system to meet the more than five million electric vehicles charging needs.

January 19 this year, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission Energy Bureau issued "on the" Thirteen Five "new energy vehicle charging facilities and incentives to strengthen the new energy vehicle application notice", notice that the accelerating new energy vehicle infrastructure, cultivating a good new energy automotive applications.

    February 24, at the Prime Minister Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine further support the new energy automotive industry, in order to optimize the structure promote green development. Charging infrastructure rose to major national strategy, set off a charging auto industry boom.
Beijing construction of various types of charging facilities for about 21,000 this year, plans to build 5,000 public charging pile.

    Shanghai construction of social public charging pile of about 1200. 2020, plans to build a variety of charging pile less than 175,000.

    At the same time, Guangzhou, Shandong, Henan, Tianjin and other 17 provinces and cities have introduced charging facilities management arrangements or embodiments, charging infrastructure into the rapid development track.

    Sustained high growth driven by policies to promote the development of charging market. However, charging facilities construction is the key to the development of electric vehicles restricted "pain points", difficult to manage, uncoordinated development mode have become uncertain charging pile construction barriers and bottlenecks.
    The development of electric vehicles on the occasion
    The end of 2015, Shanxi Province Economic and Information Commission issued the "electric car industry base in Taiyuan City Development Plan (2015-2020)." According to the plan, to build Taiyuan filling station 20, the charge pile 3000, the electric car industry base basically completed.

    As the country's "double pilot cities," Taiyuan city decided to reach retirement period of 8292 taxi batch replace electric vehicles, thus became the first to realize the full run electric taxi city. Such a large scale, bulk electric car replacement times, the first case in the country.

    Taiyuan municipal government a firm resolve to advance the development of electric vehicle industry, set up a special working group to promote leadership, regular coordination meetings, timely troubleshooting, functional departments, power companies Baotuan force.

    Meanwhile, the municipal government issued taxi replace subsidies, the market price of 309,800 yuan pure electric taxi, after all levels of subsidies for national, provincial, city and only pay 89,000 yuan, and gave up the taxi business households cost concerns; citywide charging network, mobile APP service platform to meet the needs of taxi daily charge. The good policies and concrete measures to effectively solve the common problems of development currently charging cars, widely supported by the public.

    Replacing the first electric taxi dealers Zhao master said: "Before purchase of 100 yuan natural gas, can travel more than 200 kilometers; now the peak of the full charge takes 70 yuan, 50 yuan only low power, full time can travel more than 300 km , even if the electric charge 2 hours worth it. "
However, replacement of electric taxis is far harder than it sounds. Charging pile is the basic guarantee for the electric vehicle operations, an urgent task under such heavy pressure, if not on schedule, quality and quantity of charge pile construction, operational electric taxis will not be on the road, affecting rental industry management benefit.
Taiyuan supply:
    Difficulties to provide "strong support"
    In January this year, the Spring Festival approaching, people are ready for the New Year family reunion, the first batch of 500 in Taiyuan taxi replacement work started, to ensure that vehicle operators, need to complete the construction of 400 charging pile.

    Charging pile construction at the crucial moment, how to layout? How to build it? In urgent cases no construction experience, technical strength, professional team, the power company Taiyuan difficulties, bravely assumed responsibility, assume 400 charging pile reported loading received, design and construction, power transmission and acceptance, etc., in accordance with the regular work period You need to complete at least 60 days, but the city government to just a short time of 15 days, short and heavy tasks, the difficulty of the time, the country unique.

    Taiyuan power company responsible person to realize that the first charge pile construction is a key step in Taiyuan electric vehicle infrastructure towards, success or failure related to the future of Taiyuan in Shanxi Province and even the electric vehicle industry.

    "Time, heavy task is difficult enough to reflect the charge pile construction. Typically new electricity projects should be required to advance the project, feasibility study, reported installed application, etc., but the charge pile construction at stake, in the absence of the construction plan, no under conditions of material reserves, to overcome our own, is to electric taxis hit the road as soon as possible. "Taiyuan South Railway Station supply companies charge pile construction official Zhang Weikang said.

    Taiyuan, the power company will charge pile construction as the overall work of the government services and political tasks, to set up a team leader responsible for human service charge pile construction group, emergency deployment of more than 200 professional backbone centralized inventory of equipment and materials, to break the routine, multi-tube pronged, planning, power, design and other professional parallel, reported installation, construction, inspection and other processes in hand. Supply room and board staff to the scene, endlessly day and night, the successful completion of the charging pile construction tasks to ensure that during the Spring Festival 500 electric taxis on the road operations.
For people too:
    Hack charge pile construction round after round of "problem"
    After the New Year, Taiyuan city government once again force, charging pile during the year the number reached 5000.

    Faced with high strength, high standard of construction tasks, Taiyuan power company business advantage, mobilize internal resources, open up the "green channel", overall project management, professional effort with together, co-ordinate all aspects of management, parallel forward, cracked a difficult decision.
    Taiyuan supply and marketing director Liu Chenglin great customer service, said: "Charging a daily average pile load 40 kilowatts, the equivalent of five households electricity load .2000 charging pile loads up to 80,000 kilowatts, equivalent to the population of 140,000 administrative region electricity load according to the year 5000 charge pile construction plan, Taiyuan distribution network load will increase by 20 million kilowatts, accounting for 30% of the main city power grid load on the grid the ability to accept the proposed severe test. "

    Large density of electricity demand, high standards of power requirements, electricity come from? Become one of the problems facing the power company to be solved.

    "Changfeng Business District is currently building 800 charging pile, load electricity demand of about 30,000 kilowatts, according to the optimal power supply scheme and should Changfeng Business District to provide power, but Changfeng Business District power supply capacity can not meet the operational needs charging pile. after repeated design, analysis, and ultimately by the wind and 220-kilovolt transformer substation 10 kV Line. 4 charging pile needs. "Liu Chenglin said. 8 Taiyuan South Railway Station, Wohushan parks and other places charge pile operators have a similar situation.

    To meet the power supply charging pile, Taiyuan-depth analysis of the power company grid load characteristics, the system-wide power grid operation mode, the full aperture adjustment, co-ordinate the deployment of grid resources, reasonable arrangements for power output, elected technically feasible and economically reasonable, smaller loss operation arrangements. Simply put, is to Taiyuan grid load more than the degree of "crowding out" operation using the supplied charging pile, pile like this by charging a wide range of ways to adjust the grid in the country is extremely rare.
It is understood that there are 23 enterprises in Taiyuan apply for business expanding, power load reached 200,000 kilowatts, due to the distribution of surface charge pile more, no power point support construction, leading the charge pile construction difficult.

    Taiyuan Peace Park, Jinyang Lake Park and Longtan Park plans to build 1050 charging pile, requires 40,000 kilowatts power load, the surrounding park was originally a residential building, the load is close to saturation, can not meet the operational use charging pile. Ring in the northwest, southwest ring road junction situation is equally clear.

    To solve the problem, communication and power supply company in Taiyuan City Planning, design and other departments, in accordance with the principles of grid development moderately ahead of urban development, network planning and good electric car industry development closely together, increase power grid project layout, to do with the implementation, with the deployment, with the construction, at the same time, actively coordinate with the land, lived construction Commission and other departments to accelerate Olin and other power transmission projects to ensure timely landing grid project. The company actively apply for project support policies ahead of the charging pile power supply units and ancillary facilities included in the project repository, to carry out pre-feasibility study, design and so on.

    In just five months, all over South Railway Station in Taiyuan, Changfeng Business District and other important activities and "Ring", the construction of roads and other main roads surrounding the 2000 charge pile, mushroomed put into operation.

    As the saying goes: "moving troops and horses, forage ahead." Taiyuan power company to charge pile of perfect construction, only to today's 5800 electric taxis running in the streets, the provincial capital of Taiyuan, more fresh air, "Green City "I am also a strong rise.
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