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CHN-Commercial attache

  • Hiring: 4
  • Suzhou China
  • Date: May 12, 2016
Job Summary
In Runly Suzhou plant, you need to provide them with products and services for business people and entrepreneurs to make Runly solutions can play a role in their organizations. As Trade Commissioner, you need to help them understand Runly products and explore a variety of sales opportunities. You're part of a team, to help businesses succeed and passionate. With your business needs understanding and passion for Runly, you can provide each customer an effective and creative solutions, and get a huge sense of accomplishment.

Key qualifications

  • Learn technology in the enterprise application, you can know what Runly provide solutions for them.
  • The ease of use of telephone contact with customers, propose business solutions.
  • Able to improve the business experience through the factory Briefing, seminars and activities.
As Trade Commissioner, you need to introduce Runly business customer solutions, technologies and services. You need to face the reception of new sales floor and old business customers to understand their needs. You need to explore new sales opportunities and build relationships, by telephone or in-store seminars and activities to contact the customer. Briefing you need to discover customer needs, and work with the business team to develop and goes proposal. For more complex customer needs, you have to cooperate with the entire commercial team, the elaboration of the ideal solution. Finally, you have to notify the customer and come up with a set of sales support programs. Thoughts to guide customers through the application possibilities Runly technology in their business, you not only help your team, but also to help our customers succeed.

Other requirements
• You have at least 5 years of sales experience in the business market.
• You can use the phone with ease appropriate to expand sales opportunities.
• you have good interpersonal and communication skills, and excellent written and oral communication skills.
• you the flexibility to adapt the organization of work. Your working hours will depend on the business needs.