Corporate Governance
Runly’s conflict rules (conflict rules), to comply with Chinese law or international treaty provisions. Refuse contractual relationship, rejected tort relations, refusal relationships. Some may reject material from the war-torn areas of the world’s. As part of its commitment to social responsibility, we only cooperate with and adhere to the same ethical standards of our suppliers.
We use only those raw materials procurement through non-conflict program in the assembly. Runly has implemented processes to ensure that we meet the "Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform Act", the bill requires companies with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to use their products and tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold (3TG minerals) and related disclosure report. Therefore, we develop and implement measures in our entire supply chain of raw materials procurement of non-conflict.
We Runly supplier requirements include:
• Determine Runly procurement of raw materials which are used in 3TG mineral (if applicable).
• Make sure the product is supplied to Runly smelter and mine raw materials source of origin from non-conflict areas.
• implementation of the procurement of raw materials 3TG actions described due diligence to ensure that no from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to limit raw material area.

Runly compliance management from a legal point of view, "grasp the forward-looking" and "long-term business objectives." Runly company focuses on how to carry out business activities, including its primary corporate governance, regulatory compliance matters, other industry regulatory compliance issues, legal risks, ethics and other internal rules and regulations. Runly external compliance management tasks (also its primary task) is to ensure the proper performance of corporate responsibility borne by its external stakeholders, such as the disclosure of information, the protection of the public interest, fair competition and protect the interests of shareholders, does not infringe third party rights etc; internal mission is to improve the internal management controls as a whole, and to improve the global competitiveness of enterprises.
We are committed to honesty and integrity of management, to fulfill this commitment daily relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities where we operate. The following criteria reaffirmed commitment to our core values: entrepreneurial spirit of mutual cooperation, the highest ethical standards, openness and trust, and customers to achieve win-win situation, the pursuit of success, mutual respect and appreciation for each other and everyone.