Quality Assurance
Runly quality management system to ensure that our products and services with the overall design, production efficiency, excellent inexpensive cost, delivery time and so on. We insist on the implementation of the ISO-9001 standard established on the basis of the quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness. We have improved the degree of compliance with customer requirements, and through continuous, quantifiable improvements to customer satisfaction.

keep improve

Runly Six Sigma principles to promote the use of various units of the product and process improvements. Six Sigma principles to help us identify the root cause of the problem. Our process to promote a long-term improvement of product quality, rather than short-term fixes. This application logic and data to solve problems of a global approach has been widely accepted.
Our production department ensures that each procedure by rigorous methods to produce quality products. In order to maintain the specific features of the product, we have taken a variety of measures, such as:

• Process Development Tools
• Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
• Control Plan Statistical Process Control
• transducer 100% functional testing
• Operator training and certification programs
• Process Audit
• ongoing reliability testing (for verification process)

Product Performance
Our product is very comprehensive, including:
• Power Characteristics
• magnetic radiation photosensitivity
• Comparison of sensitivity with temperature and humidity
• vibration sensitivity
• resistance to mechanical shock

Environmental Testing
Test production environment including specific conditions and experimental measurements, such as:
• Programmable constant temperature / humidity box
• Temperature range: - 68 ° C to + 177 ° C
• Humidity range: 10 to 98% RH
• sudden changes in temperature: -73 ° C to + 200 ° C
• ESD testing capabilities: Charging Model
• Perspiration: Different pH
• Hydrogen sulfide: Hydrogen sulfide corrosion test
• Vibration: random and sine waves
• The maximum acceleration (G): 73
• Dynamometer
• Salt spray test

Runly quality control process also uses the following dimensional metrology equipment:
• Power Compensator
• resolution of 0.00002 "intelligent measurement systems range
• The computer image analysis