Manufacturing Services
Runly components and subassembly manufacturing solutions can help you reduce time to market and reduce production costs.
• sub-component development and component integration
• zero-defect production value
• connectors and interface design and development
• Ultrasonic welding
• Material selection and optimization of the epoxide and a transducer compatible
• subassembly testing and test development
• Discrete design and production of electromechanical components

Micro-switches, potentiometers, switches and micro-coils all our factories have passed the ISO 9001 certification, some factories additionally passed ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Runly quality assurance in the above investment has been through a rigorous test of the market, we can achieve overall optimization of product design, and ensure fast and efficient access to markets.

If you need to support the production, please contact us immediately.