Team Support

Our sales team running in the world, maintain communication with customers on product strategy. In addition, our customer service team is based on components and parts design requirements established. For example, Runly team at your service might include a number of experts in research, design, engineering, application technology and production areas. Depending on the application, the team may be due to a combination of Runly application technology sector and Runly electronic equipment sector expertise and increase in strength. For faster your idea into the market, we use proven "stage-gate" process, to promote the project from the beginning to the end of the project in close collaboration on key issues. Through a gradual solution to include all the key aspects of marketing, engineering, production and quality assurance of the problem, we can achieve a major breakthrough in the project.

Stage gates collaborative process

Runly attaches great importance to the writing of "stage-gate" product development process, we can quickly and cost-effectively achieve the leap from conception to production.

In this first step, our goal is to define the concept of products, and the establishment of the business plan - including cost, schedule and yield important milestone.

• The business case has been prepared
• R & D has developed the Concept Plan
• The designated Project Manager
• Examined customer requirements

• Business Case approval
• supply chain, manufacturing and financial review
• design verification test (DVT) Program
• Review of Intellectual Property
• collect customer feedback