Board of Directors
  Jaf Yu
Board of Directors - Chairman of the Board

Jaf Yu Yun Suzhou Electronic Group Co. founder, provide advice to our CEO, to help the board oversight Runly continued expansion of the international market, the company and the development of corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and divestitures, and many other activities to make matters important contribution. Since 2010, he has been managing partner of HEN Group; since 2005, served as a director of fasteners and manufacturer of plastic containers HEN-THBX Corporation, the years from 2008 to 2010 chairman. HEN-THBX Corporation is a manufacturer of plastic products and close fastener company.

HEN-THBX Corporation served as Chairman and CEO during Mr. Jaf Yu valuing companies more than tripled. He has extensive international business experience, including management privatization, acquisitions, cross-border transactions, post-merger integration, improve productivity and performance measures. He holds a business administration degree from Soochow University.

Board of Directors - CEO
Jack is Suzhou Runly Group Co., Ltd. CEO, Runly company is charging equipment and advanced mobile services in the consumer electronics industry, charging technology, electric power infrastructure, military  space and other industrial end markets HMI solutions the world's leading suppliers. Jack's leadership, technical insight and operational expertise to enhance the culture of innovation Runly, leading the company's expansion into new markets, expanding the company's product portfolio and global reach.
  Jeffy Jun
Board of Directors - Deputy General Manager of Marketing
Jeffy Jun, general manager of the current Suzhou Runly Group Co., Ltd. Marketing Group. Jeffy worked for Manager Development Department, Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Group consumer market. Jardine Group was established in 1832 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Jardine House, is built on a diversified multinational corporations in Asia, operates a number of businesses have market leadership, and has a wealth of operational experience in the region. In 2006, Mr. Jardine Jeffy after entry in the company's leadership and the joint efforts of colleagues, employees, the company has created a market of a performance.
In 2012, to get to know the fate of Mr. Jaf yu (now Runly Group chairman), after its invitation to join Runly, a common commitment to the global cause of environmental protection, to create a civilized society, environmental and social goals of struggle to make their own contribution, to lead Runly all my colleagues in business promotion, to promote the concept of environmental protection and environmentally friendly products.
So far, Mr. Jeffy has always believed that the Runly, and all my colleagues and Runly together to jointly build part of the global goal of civilized life.
Board of Directors - Deputy General Manager Operations
David Current Suzhou Runly Group Co., Ltd. subsidiary - Suzhou Runly New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of management.
David He graduated from Shandong University in 2002 - The 2013 worked in the Yankuang Group Co., Ltd (Yankuang Group Company Limited) Sixth Engineering Department, Shandong Province, the first state-owned assets authorized enterprises and Shandong provincial state-owned key coal enterprises, based on coal , coal chemicals, coal and aluminum mechanical and electrical manufacturing outfits for the leading industries of large state-owned enterprises, is the country's largest coal, coal gangue comprehensive utilization base, now under the direct supervision by the Shandong Provincial people's Government state-owned assets supervision and administration Commission. By the end of 2012, enterprises with total assets of 180 billion yuan, ranking the 2012 top 500 Chinese enterprises 129, ranked 2012 China's 100 largest multinationals Article 24.
2014, by chance have the opportunity to get to know Mr. Jaf yu (now Runly Group chairman), after its invitation to join Runly, work together to promote the cause of global new energy, to create energy conservation, low-carbon travel, social and environmental protection goals of struggle and make their own contribution. Joint social welfare society colleagues to do their responsibilities.